ErvTravels Credit Card Rewards Consulting

Why I want to help…

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been obsessed with credit card rewards and travel hacking.

I’ve cycled through over a dozen cards, accumulated hundreds of thousands of points, and then spent those points on countless trips around the world. The process wasn’t easy. I’ll also admit it wasn’t all lounges and 5-star resorts along the way. I’ve learned from my mistakes and now I’m here to help you!

How can I help?

Does this situation sound familiar? There’s a new card with a great bonus offer. You read a few blogs saying how amazing the offer is and the kinds of trips you can book with all the miles. You sign up and get approved immediately. Within the first month, you hit the minimum spend and the points are in your account.

Or maybe you follow a few blogs but don’t know what card to get. Or you have a few cards but only use one for all your spending. If you have a rewards card, you are in the hacking world. But are you making the most of what rewards have to offer? I’ve talked to dozens of people who are interested but just don’t have the time to think about which card to get and how to use it. That’s where I come in….

ErvTravels Rewards Hacking Consulting & Report Package ($199)*

What you can expect from ErvTravels Consulting:

  • Deep dive into your current goals and strategies via phone call or video chat (30-45 minutes)
  • Personalized report laying out recommendations and strategies
  • Follow-up call discussing strategies and Q&A
  • Access to my credit card tracker spreadsheet
  • Periodic newsletter summarizing new offers, deals, and articles

Gift option

If you can’t afford the consulting package or just want to have a chat to see what this is all about, I’ll offer a free consultation to answer any questions you might have. At the end of our conversation, I’ll make a personal recommendation on a new card worth at least $200 in cash-back or points. We can discuss pay-what-you-want options. I only ask that you tell a few of your friends if you felt that our time was worthwhile.

*Payment invoices will be sent via PayPal*