I traveled the world for a year for $24,740

It’s been quite the year. I left the country almost a year ago (361 days to be exact). It’s been a remarkable experience that has changed my life more than I could’ve imagined (longer hair). But here I am back in Florida living with my mom; a jobless, single, 31-year-old with no definitive future. While it may take some convincing with the mom, I’m very content with that realization. My current plan is to get a teaching job in Taiwan for 2017. I’ve been working on my English teaching certificate while looking for jobs over the past few weeks.

I regret not posting more throughout the latter half of my trip but found it nearly impossible without a computer. I plan on adding a few more posts on specific experiences in the near future. But here’s a quick breakdown of the numbers (a homage to my old career) and a few FAQs…

Here’s a few travel maps I’ve created with Google and Travellerpoint:

  • Total days on the road: 338
  • Total countries visited: 38 (including USA)
  • Most days in a single country: 30 (Vietnam)
  • Total USD spent: $24,740

Traveling Costs

Total number of miles traveled: 68,307 (109,925 km) – apparently, this is the rough equivalent of circling the Earth 2.7 times.

  • Air Travel: 51,044 mi (82,143 km)        
    • Cost: $3,866
    • Miles/Points Redeemed: 272,800
    • Flights taken (including connections): 44
    • Longest Flight: LAX to SYD (7,511 mi)
    • Shortest Flight: Wenzhou to Taipei (212 mi)
  • Train Travel: 2,305 mi (3,710 km)          
    • Cost: $499
  • Bus Travel: 6,792 mi (10,931 km)            
    • Cost: $869
  • Car Travel: 1,654 mi (2,662 km)              
    • Cost: $101
  • Scooter Travel (Vietnam): 906 mi (1,457 km)          
    • Cost (including fuel): $125
  • Boat Travel: 696 mi (1,120 km)                
    • Cost: $50
  • Total Transportation Cost: $5,385

Lodging Costs

This includes mostly hostels and guesthouses booked via Hostelworld or booking.com. I did stay with friends (and friends of friends) whenever possible. I also started using Couchsurfing once I got to Europe.

  • Total Lodging Cost: $2,508
  • Most Expensive: $32/night (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
  • Least Expensive: $5/night (Hue, Vietnam)

Entertainment Costs

This includes tours, entrance fees, pub crawls, and a few large organized trips.

  • Total Entertainment Costs: $3,192
  • Guatemala volunteer program: $928
  • Tao Philippines Expedition: $555
  • Scotland Highlands tour: $306


  • Visa Fees: $633
  • Misc Spending (gear, clothes, toiletries): $1,472
  • Replacement iPhone 😭: $670

I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Thanks for following along and stay tuned for more updates!