Guatemala Food Diary

You’re all probably thinking, “It’s great that you’re having a great time and enjoying different cultures. But what about the food!?” I’ve been slacking on the food updates. I’ve had so much great food in Latin America that it’s hard for me to even keep up. So here’s an un-comprehensive post about the food I’ve had in Guatemala. I don’t have documentation of every meal but will do my best to provide a descriptive account of authentic dishes, street food, and everything in between. I’m also adding the restaurant name (if I remember) as well as prices roughly converted to USD. I rarely found a meal I didn’t enjoy. And if it sucked, I probably still ate all of it.


This is where I stayed for most of my time in Guatemala. My homestay provided breakfast and dinner, but I took every opportunity to check out the local restaurants.

View of Volcan de Agua from the city center

Madre Tierra – This was a great way to start the trip. Grilled half chicken with guacamole and beans and a side of freshly made tortillas. Avocados are everywhere in Guatemala and you’ll find some use of it on every menu. ($8)

Amazing guac and beans

Came back for a group meal as they have these huge platters of grilled meat and sausages. Shared this with 2 other grown men. ($25 for the entire platter)

Lot’s to love for American males

Local outdoor restaurant in the San Francisco Church parking lot – These delicious and filling meals are all over the country. The meal of the day usually includes some grilled meat (chicken, beef, pork, sausage), veggies, rice or pasta, tortillas, and a drink. I came here at least once a week for lunch. ($2-3)

Grilled chicken

Fonda de la Calle Real – This place was recommended as an upper scale authentic Guatemalan restaurant. I got a little taste of 4 traditional dishes: tamale and various stews. Each had their own distinct depths of flavor. ($13)

Love the variety!

Luna del Miel – This place specializes in crepes with all sorts of fillings and very popular with visitors. The Pepian was filled with a traditional Guate chicken and beef mixture. Another time I had the chicken, pesto, and avocado crepe. The dessert ones looked amazing as well. ($5-7)

Guess the filling

Cafe Fernando (Antigua) – There are tons of great cafes with amazing coffee which is usually grown just a few miles away. ($1-2) 

Cappuccino with the roommate

Metiz – This French bistro was amazing. The surf and turf burger was cooked perfectly. Topped with shrimp and melted Camembert with roasted potatoes and salad. ($10)

Surf and turf burger

Lake Atitlán

Maya Moon Lodge – The menu and all the food was prepared by a lovely couple, Joanna and Laurent. Their plan is to start their own bed and breakfast in Colombia. Joanna went to culinary school and has spent years working in restaurants and catering. Below is just a taste of what you might find at their own spot in Colombia.

Right on the lake
Homemade falafel with house tahini and some delicious spicy sauce. ($7)
    Zucchini bread with a bowl of fruit. ($4)
Chicken quesadilla with rice, beans, and guacamole. ($7)
  Meat lasagna with salad and fresh garlic bread. ($7)
Joanna taught us how to make profiteroles on the stovetop for Laurent’s birthday! These were filled with ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce. (FREE!)
Fried eggs with tomato, avocado, and toast. ($5)


 Casa de Enrico – Found this place on Tripadvisor after getting into Flores after an overnight 10-hour bus ride.

Eggs, local cheese, potatoes, and a cream sauce ($6)

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more food diaries!