Travel Hacking

Why am I doing this?

My tendency is to dive headfirst, literally and figuratively, when it comes to certain hobbies and endeavors. For things like my actuarial exams, cooking, and scuba diving, the results have been very rewarding and worthwhile. For other things (poker, learning new languages, TRAVEL HACKING), it’s a mixed bag. But regardless of the result, you live and you learn.

Travel has been an obsession of mine ever since my first trip to Europe. That and my OCD tendencies for finding the absolute best value have led me down this rabbit hole of credit cards and rewards. This has helped me to travel around the world and hopefully around again. I’ve opened and closed over a dozen credit card accounts over the past 6 years. It would’ve been even more if I had done all my homework and set out a strategy. Like everything, I’ve learned from my experience, which wasn’t all business class and champagne in lounges. I’ve been denied cards, lost out on valuable bonuses, and spent my money and points poorly.

Let Me Help You

Which is why I want to help you navigate this world. I can help you maximize your hard-earned money and how you spend to benefit you and your loved ones.

Do you want free flights every year to see friends and family? Do you want more cash-back to pay off a loan? Do you want to take that dream vacation? If you’re interested in diving into this ocean of possibility, fill out this quick survey and let’s set up a consultation call with yours truly!

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